Wife to divorce ‘most boring man in the world’

Funny newspaper title
The ‘most boring man in the world’ is being divorced by his wife on the grounds that he is no longer boring.
The man, who was born boring, and who somehow managed to bore his mother when he spoke his first words, has been diagnosed by experts as being incapable ot saying anything interesting.
The photo. below portrays a typical boring baby.
His former wife has this to say about him.
‘Even his proposal was boring’
‘When he proposed to me his proposal was so long and boring that I had to take a nap halfway through it.’
‘When I woke up he still hadn’t finished so I decided to go home.’
‘I’ll never forget what he said to me, as I was trying to say goodnight.
‘He said “Are you going already?’
‘I hope I haven‘t bored you.’
What went wrong?
So why did you marry him? The Ridiculous Times inquired.
‘I thought that it would be interesting to marry someone who was so boring’ she admitted.
‘All of the boys that I had met so far were fairly boring, but after a while I realised that this wasn’t enough.’
‘I wanted to meet someone who was completely boring.’

Author: Paul Gresham

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