Flat Earth News!

Funny newspaper title


An exciting compromise has been reached between those who say that the Earth is round (let’s call them ‘Round Earthers,’ and those who say that the Earth is flat (they are commonly called ‘Flat Earthers.)
At a meeting which was held between the two opposing parties it was agreed to describe the earth as ‘Sometimes Round And Sometimes Flat.’
Logically enough, from now on they will describe themselves as ‘Sometimes Round And Sometimes Flat Earthers.’
The meeting was held on a piece of land which, after careful inspection, was deemed to be neither round or flat.
It was a bit flat and a bit round
The photograph of the plate above shows what the earth would look like if it was flat.
It would look like a plate.

It would look like a plate.
If it was round, on the other hand, it would look like a ball.
There’s no photo. of a ball because everyone knows what a ball looks like; in fact, come to think about it, everyone knows what a plate looks like.
How will this affect space travel?
Well, the photographs from space will look slightly different, of course, they will show a sometimes round and sometimes flat earth instead of a round earth.
That just about wraps up the latest scientific news for now.

Author: Paul Gresham

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