Catalonia ‘declares war’ on America in Declaration Of Independence

Catalonia is more independent than America and is far more qualified to issue a Declaration Of Independence.
Catalonia, the province in Spain which is seeking independence from the Spanish government, is more independent than America and is also more independent than Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries.
Let’s call this group of countries the Anglosphere, and let’s describe the Anglosphere as countries which are Anglo Saxon in origin and are former British colonies.
This is basically what the Anglosphere means, although it also means that these countries have more or less similar attitudes and values, particularly towards freedom and democracy.
However, let’s also keep in mind that because of mass immigration in the nineteenth century and more recently, immigration from the Latin countries (Mexico etc.), the population of the United States is no longer primarily of Anglo Saxon origin.
This is irrelevant, because the United States is still the guardian, the custodian of the Anglosphere.
It’s a bit like a half brother that feels that it has to defend the family, although it is not entirely related to the family.
And of course, it’s also the paymaster of the Anglosphere, because without American defence spending it would not be possible to defend the Anglosphere.
Next, let’s conduct a comparison survey, similar to the kind of survey which consumer organisations use to decide which supermarket offers the best value for money, the best service to its customers, etc.
Let’s start the survey with Catalonia, and let’s put an item called ‘own language’ in its shopping basket.
It’s already nearly full, because Catalonia has its own language.
Now let’s look at the Anglosphere, and put ‘own language’ in its shopping basket.
We can’t, because it doesn’t exist, because the Anglosphere doesn’t have its own language, it uses English, which it adapted from the early English settlers.
Let’s look at Catalonia again, and let’s look at an item called ‘own customs,’ and let’s put it in the Catalonian shopping basket.
It’s filling up fast, because Catalonia has its own customs.
Let’s look at the Anglosphere, and let’s look at ‘own customs.’ and let’s put it in the Anglosphere’s shopping basket.
We can’t, because the Anglosphere doesn’t have its own customs. Mmm, on second thoughts this isn’t entirely true, because it does have a few of its own customs. The American custom of Thanksgiving Day, for example.
Hold on a minute, this isn’t true either. Thanksgiving Day is derived from the custom of ‘Harvest Thanksgiving,’ a custom which has been observed in England for many centuries.
Let’s face it, the Anglosphere’s few meagre customs are nowhere near as extensive and as embedded in society as Catalan customs.
If we regard independence in this sense, in the sense of language and customs, Catalonia is far more independent than America and the rest of the Anglosphere.
However, the ultimate measure of a nation’s (or a region’s) independence must surely be its ability to defend itself. If it can’t defend itself the fact that it has its own language and customs is irrelevant.
Here, the Catalan shopping basket is empty, while America and the Anglosphere’s shopping basket is full, because it can defend itself.
Or can it?
America can defend itself, but can the rest of the Anglosphere defend itself? Can Canada, Australia and New Zealand defend themselves?
Maybe the Anglosphere’s shopping basket isn’t so full after all.

Author: Paul Gresham

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