Barbie and Ken Toilet Seat Crisis!

Today we lift the lid on a breaking story!

That will unseat society as we know it!

Barbie and Ken are in a crisis!

Over a toilet seat!

It could be that Ken forget to close the lid because he wasn’t quite sure if he had finished.

Maybe he was sitting tight for a little while longer until he was sure.

Maybe Barbie didn’t give him enough time.

Maybe she could have gently reminded him, in a tone that was soothing and delicate as the most soothing and delicate of laxatives, that it was time to pee (or whatever) or get off the pot.

We wonder if there is any hope of reconciliation between them.

Could it be that Ken produces some unusually unpleasant aromas when he is using the bathroom?

Is that why Barbie insists that he should close the lid after he had finished using it?

If this is the problem, maybe Barbie could discuss this with him, perhaps over dinner one evening.

How might the conversation go?

“Ken, I need to talk to you about something” said Barbie.

“Is it about the TV documentary we were watching last night called ‘Lifting the lid on the true seat of power’ about how the manufacturers of toilet seats secretly control who sits on them” Ken said excitedly.

“Ken, that was just a conspiracy theory” she explained gently.

“You mean it wasn’t true?”

“Ken, anyone can sit on toilet seats.”

“The ultra rich are not conspiring to restrict the supply of toilet seats.” she concluded.

“What I want to talk about is…closing the lid on toilet seats” she said.

“You see, some people produce certain…aromas, when they use the toilet.”

“Yes, I’ve noticed that” he said excitedly.


“The toilets here in the rest room, they smell.”

Barbie knew then that Ken did not get it.

Would he ever get it?

(to be continued)

Author: Paul Gresham