Eco warrior warfare

Funny newspaper title

A prominent eco warrior is to swim across the Atlantic instead of flying in order to avoid harming the planet by increasing carbon emissions when she attends a conference in New York about global warming.

But she has been criticised by other, even more dedicated, eco warriors who claim that swimming across the ocean is also harmful to the environment.

The eco warrior, Greta Thunberg, said tearfully ‘What more can I do?”

She pointed out that she had originally planned to sail across the Atlantic on a solar powered boat.

But fanatical eco warriors claimed that this was a waste of the sun’s valuable rays.

“Those rays which she is selfishly using to power her boat could be helping crops to grow, instead” one warrior claimed.

However, another warrior disagreed.

“Not so. Those rays which she is using to power her boat could cause a drought.”

So how can swimming across the Atlantic possibly harm the environment?

“In order to swim she has to thrust her arms into the water, and kick with her legs” the most fanatical eco warrior said.

“What if a fish was passing by?” he said indignantly.

“What if her swimming disturbed the fish – traumatised it?”

“Has she even thought about this?”

Author: Paul Gresham

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