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Barbie and Ken Toilet Seat Crisis!

Today we lift the lid on a breaking story! That will unseat society as we know it! Barbie and Ken…

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Wedding of the year

The most boring man in the world is to marry the least interesting woman in the world in a wedding…

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Eco warrior warfare

A prominent eco warrior is to swim across the Atlantic instead of flying in order to avoid harming the planet…

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Turd or spy submarine?

A huge turd has been spotted floating off the coast of Sweden – but defence experts fear that it might…

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The new look Hunchback of Notre Dame

Hunchback of Notre Dame becomes

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Hanging around with the Upside Down Coat Hook movement

A new political movement has been launched which could solve the urgent problem of ‘coat hook poverty, ’ a condition…

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Human eats alligator!

A human being has eaten an alligator in an area which is known to be a habitat of dangerous human…

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Wife to divorce ‘most boring man in the world’

The ‘most boring man in the world’ is being divorced by his wife on the grounds that he is no…

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In love with a Zombie

A young woman has spoken of her love for a Zombie after she went for a check up at her…

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Slob rejected for work from comfort of your own home job

A self confessed slob has been rejected for a job which entailed ‘working from the comfort of your own home.’…