In love with a Zombie

Funny newspaper title

A young woman has spoken of her love for a Zombie after she went for a check up at her dentist as a precaution due to the threat of a Zombie invasion.
Our reporter, from The Ridiculous Times, Not Exactly News  24/7 Zombie News Room, asked her to tell her own story.
“It was just a routine dental check for symptoms of Zombie-ism; bleeding gums, loose teeth, that kind of thing ” she said
Can I trust my doctor?
“There are other symptoms of becoming a Zombie, of course; a dull voice, an unsteady walk, an urge to bite non zombies, but my doctor assures me that I have none of these symptoms.”
“I assume that I can trust him – that he isn’t a Zombie…”
Feelings for other women
“I walked into the reception room at the dental surgery, and…”
She hesitated for a few seconds.
“I have…certain feelings, for other women,” she said shyly.
“The receptionist was beautiful…”
“The dentist couldn’t see me for a while so we talked together, sometimes smiling at each other.”
Zombie bite?
“That’s when I saw it.”
“What did you see?” asked the reporter from The Ridiculous Times, Not Exactly News. ‘
“It was covered with a cosmetic cream, the kind of stuff that’s sometimes used to conceal skin problems.”
“But it couldn’t conceal this.”
“It was horrible.”
“What was it?” the reporter demanded to know.
“It was a bite – I could see the teeth marks in her skin.”
“She’s so beautiful, but…”
“Am I in love with a Zombie?” she sobbed.

Author: Paul Gresham

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