Paul Gresham Writer is an exciting new website which will feature..

Paul Gresham Writer is a new (at 03/10/2017) website which will feature humorous, entertaining and often topical articles published in a magazine style, along with articles about writing.
In fact by the time you have read this I will probably have published several articles.
I don’t know how this combination of humorous articles and hopefully insightful articles will look.
Maybe it won’t look too bad because when you think about it conventional magazines are often a combination of humour and insight.
The difference is that conventional magazines are usually insightful about human problems such as relationships etc, while my insightful articles will be about writing.
Unfortunately, I don’t have any relationship problems to write about. This isn’t because I don’t have any relationships. I have several, but nothing seems to happen in them.
Maybe I could write an article called ‘Why are my relationships not worth writing about?’
This could be followed by a blank page.

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