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Plague Doctor Tale Two

By Paul Gresham

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What happens when

1 Avoid him like the plague

2  A curse on your colonies of Virginia and Massachusetts

3 He discovers old abandoned freight train yard

4 He decides to explore old abandoned freight train yard

5 His face was oozing pus and blood

6 He enters old abandoned freight train yard

7 She is tailed by man in creepy mask

8 Scary invitation from a witch

9 She agrees to explore old abandoned train yard

10 Plague-stricken 17th century London

11 She is accused of witch craft

12 She is rescued by the plague doctor

13 Children, please don’t play that horrible plague game, London 1860

14 The hunt for new patients for the plague doctor

15 She is examined by the plague doctor

16 He is trapped in a plague pit

17 He is rescued by the plague doctor

18 She is ‘cured’ by the plague doctor

19 He escapes from the plague doctor

20 They are rescued by a sinister ‘priest.’

21 The plague doctor considers his ‘cure’

22 They escape from the ‘priest.’

23 The symptoms of the plague in San Francisco


1Avoid him like the plague

The old man intercepted me almost as soon as I turned around the corner and I looked around to see why he had stopped me instead of somebody else, but there was nobody else around, the street was deserted.

I flinched when I saw his face, it was a mass of sores and boils that were oozing with blood.

He was about six feet six tall and strongly built, despite his age, which I guessed was about sixty.

Suddenly he grabbed hold of me with both hands and pushed his terrible face close to mine.

When he opened his mouth it was in a high pitched kids’ voice that sounded as if he was singing a song.

“Ring a ring a roses” he sang.

“What the hell are you doing? Let go of me!” I yelled at him.

“A pocket full a posies” he sang.

“What are you talkin’ about?” I yelled.

Suddenly he lifted me up and swung me around as if he was dancing with me.

“Atichoo! Atichoo!” he sang.

Then he let go of me and pushed me backwards so that I fell on the sidewalk.

“We all fall down!” he finally sang.

He abruptly turned around and quickly walked away and by the time I got back on my feet he had vanished.

I saw that I must have been mistaken when I thought that we were alone because everything looked normal, there were plenty of people around.

As I drove back to the home in the Brisbane area of San Francisco that I shared with my girlfriend Hazel I thought about the meeting with the old man.

He had stopped me in a part of the city that I didn’t know very well, it was called the Tenderloin, which is roughly in the Hyde street, Turk street, O’Farrell street area.

But I had to go there because someone had ‘phoned me about a job and wanted me to meet him at a sandwich bar on Hyde street, a place called ‘Wrap Delicious’ at number 426.

This was pretty unusual because I’m a freelance advertising writer and  don’t usually meet my clients in person, in fact I’ve never had to do this until I had this ‘phone call.

The usual way of meeting them is through one of the freelance writing websites that I use.

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