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Barbie and Ken Toilet Seat Crisis!

Today we lift the lid on a breaking story! That will unseat society as we know it! Barbie and Ken…

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To USB or not to be

Did you even notice this somewhat clever (or maybe not) play on words? (Sigh) I suppose I should explain. William…

Skull with bowling alley skittles used in book cover for horror story 'Deadly Skittles.'
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Can’t decide if this is pedantic

This was an interesting writing problem that occurred when I was editing a scene in my forthcoming horror novel, which…

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Wedding of the year

The most boring man in the world is to marry the least interesting woman in the world in a wedding…

American flag with Queen Victoria used in article which questions why American authors refer to the Victorian era.
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President Queen Victoria

Why do some American writers and authors refer to their novels as being set in the ‘Victorian’ age, meaning the…

mobile phone or cellphone used as passport.
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How to use your ‘phone as an internet passport

As a writer and author it’s essential for me to be able log into the various publishing websites such as…

Plague doctor and San Francisco bridge with In love with a plague doctor title and heart
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In love with a plague doctor part 5

Finally, the plague doctor orders the coach driver to turn the coach into a long imposing drive, with a grand…

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Rebel Liar free sample

A British Special Forces unit in the American civil war,
with a mission to deceive both the Confederates and the Yankees.

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The Pic

Former Special Forces soldier Luke Cutler must use all his powers of cunning and deception if he is to successfully complete this mission.

London underground train system sign 'Mind the gap' sign used in article about formatting an e-book
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Mind the gap!

Mind the gap! Naturally, I’m referring to the gap between the end of a chapter and the beginning of a…

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In love with a plague doctor part 4

I’m not only in love with a plague doctor!

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Nice or nasty Anglo Saxons?

In my novel ‘Our Saxon Life’ I portray the Anglo Saxons as ‘brutal,’ but isn’t that being rather unfair to…