Slob rejected for work from comfort of your own home job

Funny newspaper title

A self confessed slob has been rejected for a job which entailed ‘working from the comfort of your own home.’
He was rejected because his home was not considered comfortable enough to satisfy the ‘comfort of your own home’ criteria, which states that people who wish to work from the comfort of their own home must have a comfortable home.
‘Reasonably’ comfortable
The C.E.O of the W.F.C.O.H corporation, aka the ‘Work From the Comfort Of Your Own Home’ corporation, said that homes had to be at least reasonably comfortable before he could give people a job. status.
He said “I have to consider my clients -the people that advertise their job vacancies with me.”
“They are entitled to expect that the people who work from home for them have a comfortable home..”
“Otherwise, there is no point in employing them from the comfort of their own homes.”
Slob defiant
But the slob who was rejected for the job was defiant.
He said “It’s my decision to decide what is the comfort of my own home.”

Author: Paul Gresham

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