Hanging around with the Upside Down Coat Hook movement

Funny newspaper title

A new political movement has been launched which could solve the urgent problem of ‘coat hook poverty, ’ a condition which results in there not being not enough coat hooks available for everyone to use.

The ‘Upside Down Coat Hook’ movement, as it is known, does not have any other aims, so it might not appeal to everyone – only to those who are interested in solving the problem of coat hook poverty.

Those who are seeking a solution to the more urgent social problem of, for example,  where to hang one’s hat when entering one’s home, will have to look for another political movement.

The movement states: ‘the problem with normal coat hooks is that people tend to place too many coats on them.’

‘Inevitably, this results in ‘coat hook poverty’ –  in there not being sufficient coat hooks for everyone.’

‘Someone who is looking for their coat has remove several coats in order to find the coat which he or she is looking for.’

‘However, fixing coat hooks upside down solves this problem.’

‘This way, no-one can hang their coat on the coat hook, which of course means there is no coat hook poverty.’

Upside down coat hooks are available in a variety of shapes and styles.

The illustration above shows a typical upside down coat hook.

To view it as a conventional style coat hook, simply turn your laptop screen upside down.

Author: Paul Gresham

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