In love with a plague doctor

Plague doctor and San Francisco bridge with In love with a plague doctor title and heart

 A girl is determined to fall in  love with a plague doctor.

Can she succeed?

What’s he really like under that dark forbidding mask and bird-like beak that covers his face?

Is he a monster?

Or is he a normal human being who is also looking for love?

I look at the plague doctor in his long black coat and hat and mask with a beak at the end of it and wonder what it would be like to fall in love with him.

I think that it’s his presence, his power, that attracts me.

He moves towards me with his cane in his hand and I wonder what he’s planning to do with it.

But he just kind of waves it around my body as if he’s searching for something.

It isn’t something that I would normally allow someone to do – except when I’m passing through airport security, of course.

And it especially isn’t something that I would allow someone to do on a first date, which I guess this is.

But I feel strangely powerless to stop him.

When he speaks it’s with a cultured English accent.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, ma’am” he says politely.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you too, doctor” I answer.

“Did you find anything?” I suddenly ask.

He seems puzzled.

“With the cane” I explain.

“Actually, it isn’t a cane, it’s my detection apparatus” he says.

“It looks like a cane to me” I say.

“Are you a member of the medical profession?” he suddenly demands.

“Well, no, although I did successfully complete a first aid course when I was a Brownie.”

“Ah, that perhaps explains it.”

“Explains what?”

“I very much doubt if your…how do you describe it – your first aid course as a Brownie, whatever that might mean, sufficiently qualifies you to practise in the use of the detection apparatus.”

“We learned how to tie a bandage” I explain hopefully. “I have a framed certificate to prove it.”

“That might be” he says dismissively.

I, however, have a framed certificate to prove that I am qualified in the use of the detection apparatus.”

“Okay” I say sadly.

“I guess I’m too ordinary for you.”

“No, no, not at all, in fact I find you rather interesting” he insists.

“Me?” I marvel.


“A plague doctor finds me interesting?”

“Oh, wow!”

But his next words dispel any notions of romance – he just wants me for my body.

He lightly touches me with his cane – oops, detection apparatus.

I tingle with…pleasure?

“Mmm, there are certain strange airs inside your body” he says thoughtfully.

“Maybe it’s love” I say hopefully.

“Love?” he said.

“I know not this word.”

I know that I shouldn’t do this, it isn’t something that I’d normally do. I mean, we’ve only just met.

But I can’t help it.

I gently caress his beak.

And I enjoy the sensation…

“Maybe I can explain love to you” I say softly.

Author: Paul Gresham

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