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Rebel Liar free sample

A British Special Forces unit in the American civil war,
with a mission to deceive both the Confederates and the Yankees.

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A free spy

In my novel ‘Rebel Liar,’ a novel of British spying during the American civil war, one of the characters wonders…

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Shooting a promotional video for a historical novel

Just a few thoughts on shooting a promotional video to publicise a historical novel and posting it on social media…

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The role of the Confederacy in World War 2

This epitaph, ‘for your tomorrow we gave our today,’ was published on a Confederate page relating to the American civil…

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American civil war spy problem solved

How to use a description which might not have been in use during the period you are writing about?

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The Confederate flag in book cover design

I can’t decide whether to use the American civil war era Confederate flag on the book cover for a novel…

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Choosing a road name in American civil war era Virginia

Selecting a name for a road or street in Virginia during the American civil war created a pretty interesting problem….

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Writing character description: introducing a character by name

This is a pretty good way of writing character description, or more specifically introducing a character by name. I call…

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The Hold part 2

  Captain Bowen decided that he had punished the Union agent who was imprisoned in the hold of his ship…

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The Hold

Captain Samuel Bowen, master of the schooner ‘Harbinger,’ moved across the deck and opened a door which revealed a flight…