About Paul Gresham Writer

Paul Gresham is a journalist, freelance writer and author.

Hi, thanks for taking a look at my profile, it’s very nice of you.

Well, what more can I tell you about myself?

You know the basics, how about if I mention some of my works in progress?

At the time of writing this (28/09/2020) I’m writing two new novels.

I’ve written the key scenes for both of them and both consist of about 25000 words so far.

I could finish them and publish them as short stories or novellas but I have enough material to write them as full length novels, which is about 70.000 to 80.000 words long, for this genre, horror.

One is a horror story that’s about a woman who buys a house which is haunted by two characters from World War One.

One is a soldier who returned from the war in 1918 and the other is a nurse who cared for him.

A tragic event occurs.

This has the working title ‘Isolation hospital.’

The other is a horror story that’s about a young couple who park their motorhome in an isolated seaside village and discover that it’s cursed by a sea monster.

This sea monster has cursed the village since it was a Saxon settlement, and I’ve included some scenes from this period.

A young Saxon girl is brutally raped by the monster.

This has the working title ‘Saxon Monster.’

These working titles are just that, a convenient way of reminding myself what the stories are about.

I have plenty of other ideas.

One is for a story about a Punch and Judy show. I remember, as a child, being quite scared of them.

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