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A long and winding gently curving way of writing description

‘Long winding’ staircase or ‘gently curving’ staircase or both? Or don’t bother to describe it? As in: ‘The two doctors…

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Historical accuracy versus common sense

Sometimes you have to use your commonsense instead of being super duper historically accurate, as this article in my ‘writing…

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Diagnosis: over-dependent on Wiki

I recently realised that I’ve been entirely relying on ‘Wiki’ aka Wikipedia for my research into historical facts instead of…

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Could this solution to the problem of ‘writer’s block’ work for you?

Here’s a possible solution to the problem of ‘Writer’s block,’ which occurs when writers can’t think what to write next….

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Five reasons to hate articles with numbers like five in the title

Five reasons to hate those articles with numbers in their titles such as ‘five reasons/ten reasons/twenty reasons/fifty reasons’ to do…

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Catalonia ‘declares war’ on America in Declaration Of Independence

Catalonia is more independent than America and is far more qualified to issue a Declaration Of Independence. Catalonia, the province…

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Warming to the idea of a second ice age.

The world will become a lot colder in about a hundred million years, according to somebody who knows what it’s…

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Happy Certain Time Of The Year, Mr. President Donald Trump

As that ‘certain time of the year’ approaches, I’m preparing my ‘Certain Time Of The Year’ card for President Donald…

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Paul Gresham Writer is an exciting new website which will feature..

Paul Gresham Writer is a new (at 03/10/2017) website which will feature humorous, entertaining and often topical articles published in…

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My writing a historical novel experience #1

One thing I’ve discovered since I started to write a historical novel is that it’s very easy to make a…